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Growing up in Rapid City, Ryan has seen the city evolve and come into its own as the cool little city at the base of the Black Hills where everybody wants to move.

A single father to his three girls, Aisling, Arabella, and Alexa, Ryan spends most of his free time with his children playing games, watching movies, or cooking fun food. When the girls are not around, Ryan can be found doing strongman training at 605 Grit, hiking M Hill, or playing board games with friends, all of which are usually followed by Blaze Pizza or a trip to Five Guys.

Before real estate, Ryan was a web developer and film producer, two very different professions that allowed him to approach real estate in a unique way. Film production has given Ryan experience in contracts, negotiation, and project management, while his time as a web developer allowed him to hone in on his attention to detail, understand marketing a variety of products, and gave him the ability to view challenges objectively and with a level-headed focus.

Ryan's interest in the real estate industry started when he was 14 years old when he met a real estate developer and began reading about real estate investments. It was then that Ryan knew that he had to be involved in real estate. Ryan loves to evaluate real estate, go over the numbers, see the potential, and watch a house become a home. After working on several investment acquisitions, Ryan decided he had to work in the industry full time and has loved every minute of it. Ryan looks forward to taking his knowledge and helping you find home.


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